Benito Arvelo Bike Rack

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Store Up to 6 Bikes At Once

Delivery 4 - 5 Weeks From Order

  • 1800(L) x 550(W) x 500(H)mm
  • 65mm wide tyre hoop
  • 300mm distance between each hoop
  • High-low design reduces handlebars colliding
  • Hot-dip galvanised steel - resistant to rust
  • Bolt-down - fast installation on site
  • Fixings required but not included with order

The Benito Arvelo Bike Rack provides an excellent bike storage option for up to 6 bikes at once. The strong hot-dip galvanised design means that it has excellent protection against rusting, with a reduced risk of corrosion while in use.

The bike rack hoops use an up-down design to reduce the risk of handlebars colliding. This means that all 6 bike spaces can be occupied at once. To store bikes simply insert the tyre and lock it in place using standard bike locks.

Bolt the bike rack down on-site with ease. M8 through bolts are recommended for installation. Fixings are required for installation but are not included with the order. To expand bike storage simply bolt the bike racks together end on end.

The bike racks will accommodate tyre widths up to 65mm. This makes it ideal for strong a multitude of bike types, including mountain bikes, children's bikes and more.


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