Benito Automatic Bollard Ø 220mm

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High-Security Automatic Bollards for Public Spaces

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  • Ø 220 mm diameter; 8mm wall thickness
  • Optional high security 13mm wall thickness version
  • Available in 600mm or 750mm above ground
  • Submerged 870 below surface
  • 600mm version - PAS68 rated
  • Full AISI-304 stainless steel design - professional finish
  • Fully submerges underground when required
  • Fully rises and lowers in 4 seconds
  • The post will not rise if a car is passing over it
  • Activated via remote control for easy on site use
  • Optional security response - detects/lowers automatically
  • 600W power consumption, 300W engine and IP67
  • Integral LED lighting - boosts visibility
  • Glows red when static, flashes when in motion

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Our manufacturer offers a 24/7 helpline for technical assistance with automatic bollards. Please note that Pittman do not offer technical support or installation on these items. For installation, please get in touch with a professional installer.


The Benito Automatic Bollard 200 offers excellent area protection in urban settings. The automatic bollards can be installed in areas and help with denying access to unauthorised access to vehicles. The heavy-duty design makes them ideal for government buildings, public city streets, private premises and more.

Each bollard is made from highly durable 304-grade stainless steel. The sleek finish allows it to fit in with almost any professional environment. Each bollard is lowered via a remote control included with each order. The bollards will raise and lower in 4 seconds. The LED lighting around the top of the bollards also boosts visibility in dark conditions.

The automatic bollards are designed so that they will not raise when a car is travelling over them. An optional design can be included so that the bollards will lower when cars approach them - call our sales team for more information on custom designs.

The 600mm version is PAS68 rates and provides excellent security in public settings. A 13mm wall thickness version is also available on request - further boost security in the area with a thicker, stronger bollard design.

Please note that Pittman do not offer technical advice on this product. Our manufacturer has a 24/7 technical support line to help you with any queries or issues with your bollards. Pittman do not offer installation or technical advice on the bollards - please get in touch with a professional installer.

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