Benito Taulat Tree Grille

Size: 795 x 795mm
SKU: 713679
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Rust Resistant Protection for Trees in Urban Settings

Delivery: Normally 4 - 5 Weeks

  • Available in 4 standard sizes
  • Ranges from 300-500mm diameter openings
  • Full steel design - robust construction
  • Ferrus treated - high resistance to rusting
  • Black polyester coating - highly attractive
  • Circular openings can be cut as trees grow

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795 x 795mm - Ø 300mm internal diameter

995 x 995mm - Ø 300mm internal diameter

1195 x 1195mm - Ø 470mm internal diameter

1495 x 1495mm - Ø 500mm internal diameter


The Benito Taulat Tree Grille provides an excellent means of protecting tree bases while promoting tree growth. The plates can be installed at the bases of trees and help to protect them from damage. The grilles come in a loose lay design for easy installation on site.

Each grille is made from highly durable steel. The steel is Ferrus treated to remove impurities in the steel while providing excellent protection against rusting. The grilles are finished with a black polyester epoxy coating for a professional design suited to many modern streetscapes.

The internal ring system allows the tree guards to be cut when needed. This allows them to still be used as the trees grow over time. The guards will allow for better longevity compared to other tree guard systems.

Choose from 4 standard grille sizes with internal diameters ranging from 300mm wide to 500mm wide.

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