Bike-Up Spin 12 Bike Hanger

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High Quality Bike Storage for Corner Areas

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  • 2000mm high
  • Requires 3 metre x 3 metre floor space
  • Holds up to 12 bikes at once
  • Rotates to allow access to all sides easily
  • Bolt-down  easily installed on-site
  • Galvanised steel - resistant to rust
  • Uses bike hooks and hoops for security

The Bike Up Spin 12 bike hanger can hold up to 12 bikes at once and offers excellent bike storage at all times. The bike rack can be rotated, meaning all areas of the hanger can be accessed on the same spot.

This bike hanger is ideal where it has 3 metres x 3 metres ground space. This allows the rotating nature to remain free and be used properly at all times. To insert the bike simply lift it into place and secure it into the upper hook and lower hoop. Lock the bike in place for excellent theft protection.

The bike hangers are made from galvanised steel. They are resistant to rust and are ideal for use outdoors. They can be bolted down into other ground with great ease.

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