Convex Mirror Bracket - Vertical Surfaces

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Mount A Mirror On Any Vertical Surface

Delivery: Normally 2 - 4 Days

  • Can be bolted directly to most flat, vertical surfaces
  • Can be used with most convex mirrors
  • Keeps mirrors in place at all times
  • Mounting plate: 160x140x10mm
Easy Installation
High Visibility
Hot-Dip Galvanised
Professional Use

Product specifications:

  • Height: 500mm
  • Width: 400mm
  • Manufactured for tempered steel
  • Hot-dip galvanised for extra durability
  • Erosion resistant

The Wall Arm Bracket for Vertical Surfaces is a simple and easy to install wall mounting instrument and is currently one of the fastest selling supplementary fittings in our online catalogue. It is generally used to fix a variety of low to medium weight fixtures to a vertical surface of your choice. It can be easily fixed to concrete, wood, metal and any other robust vertical surface that can withstand the pressure of the applied weight.

The Wall Arm Bracket for Vertical Surfaces is a specially designed fitting fixture for vertical applications. It was designed to take into consideration all the forces reacting on the fitting, the weight of the object that it is fixing to the wall surface, and the gravitational force as well as the force of the wall that it is mounting to. It is a synergy of the three forces constantly acting upon each other that is in fact what keeps your object or device securely in place.

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