Dome Nut Set

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M10 Dome Nut Set (895864)
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M12 Dome Nut Set (895865)
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The Dome Nut Set is perfect for capping an exposed  threaded anchor bar and provides a professional, high profile finish

  • Available in an M10 or M12 size
  • Provides a high profile finish
  • Can be easily tightened on top of a thread anchor bar

Set includes:

1x Hexagonal dome nut

1x Washer



The Hexagonal Dome Nut can be used to close off the top of a threaded fixing in an M10 or M12 format.

Each nut can be quickly tightened on to the given area and provides a professional finish to bollards, fixtures and brackets.

The dome nuts are perfect for using in conjunction with threaded stud set and each piece includes it's own washer.

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