FlexPin Reflective Flexible Post (Red/White) - 460mm

Option: Single Post & Base
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Ideal For Underground Carparks

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  • 460(H) x 100 Ø mm
  • Long-lasting anti-aging polyethylene
  • Highly visible reflective white strips
  • Full reflective white and red strips
  • Springs back into original position
  • Reduces damage to vehicles if hit
  • Quick installation
  • Ideal for off-highway use only
  • Order fixings separately
Easy Installation
Professional Use
Anti Rust
High Visibility
Bolt Down

Product Specifications:

  • Overall Height: 520mm
  • Post Height: 460mm
  • Post Diameter: 100mm
  • Base Diameter: 260mm
  • Post Material: Polyethylene
  • Base Material: Recycled Rubber

The FlexPin Reflective Flexible Post boasts exceptional visibility and maneuverability, making it an optimal choice for various settings. These posts act as effective barriers to deter unauthorized access in areas like roads, parking lots, and similar spaces.

Furthermore, they serve to delineate specific zones, such as marking designated parking spots, warning of sharp turns, indicating areas prone to machinery use, or highlighting low wall locations. They also excel in traffic management, helping lane separation in environments like underground parking facilities or high-traffic zones.

Key Features:

  • Quick and easy installation immediately upon delivery, with the base easily bolted onto the ground using provided fixings.
  • Made from durable polyethylene, these posts withstand frequent car impacts, flexing upon collision to minimize vehicle damage.
  • Equipped with red and white reflective strips for high visibility, ensuring they remain noticeable even at night.
  • Optional Chain Eyelet available upon request, allowing for easy creation of barriers by threading a chain through the eyelet atop the post. Contact our sales team for more information.

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