JSP Ridgeback® Cable Ramp

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Protect Cables while Reducing Trips and Falls

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  • 1000(L) x 600(W) x 75(H)mm
  • 3no. 45 x 50mm channels
  • 29kg per unit
  • Robust plastic design - highly durable
  • Strong polypropylene hinged lid - insert cables easily
  • Thermoplastic reflective markings - increased visibility
  • Reduces traffic to approximately 5mph
  • Tested with axle loads of up to 6 tonnes
  • Integral connection system allows for easy joining
  • Conforms to BS EN 1436:2018 & BS EN 1824:2011

The JSP Ridgeback® Cable Ramp provides an excellent means of protecting cables while reducing trips and falls. The cable ramps are made from a highly durable recycled material that allows it to be used in multiple applications. Each unit comes with 3no. 45 x 50mm channels for protecting cables or hoses.

The cable ramps are fitted with a polypropylene lid that allows cables to be inserted with ease. Simply lift the lid, place the cables inside and close. The ramp can be bolted down for permanent use or left freely for temporary use. Be sure to inspect the ramps regularly and do not leave them unattended while in use.

Each cable ramp is equipped with 8no. thermoplastic retro-reflective markings. The glass bead system greatly increases visibility, allowing the ramp to be seen at all times while it's in use. The highly visible lid also provides increased protection against trips.

Join multiple units together easily. The integral connector system allows the ramps to be joined end on end with ease - use them to cover large distances quickly.

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