No Parking Stickers - Regular Adhesive

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Cost-Effective Means to Deter Parking Offenders

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  • A5 size - 200mm x 150mm
  • 250 stickers per roll - easy application
  • Simply peel and stick to car windscreen
  • Tough regular adhesive - hard to remove by hand
  • Striking lettering - easily seen by offender

Try our alternative Extreme Adhesive No Parking Windshield Stickers - harder to remove and ideal for using with repeat offenders.


The Parking Warning Windscreen Stickers - Regular Adhesive are ideal for deterring first-time parking offenders from parking illegally on your premises again. Each roll comes with 250 individual stickers that can be easily applied directly to an offender's windscreen instantly, making it difficult for them to remove the sticker when they return to their car.

Each sticker comes with solid, striking black lettering on a white background that is sure to be noticed by offending drivers and drivers who may be passing through and considering parking illegally. The stickers will help provide tougher parking enforcement in your premises.

If you require something that is even harder to remove from your windscreen, try our Extreme Adhesive no parking windshield stickers. These particular stickers are coated with a tough adhesive on the back and will prove to be extremely hard to remove, ideal for repeat offenders who are not heeding your warnings.

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