Oslo Street Steel Bench

Style Price Quantity
Oslo Steel Bench - with Back Rest (724440)
£629.00ex VAT
£754.80inc VAT
Oslo Steel Bench - without Back Rest (724441)
£629.00ex VAT
£754.80inc VAT
Shipped Direct From our EU Warehouse: Delivery 6 - 8 Weeks From Order

The Oslo Steel Bench provides a modern seating design suitable for many area types - the robust design makes it a perfect companion to bus shelters, smoking shelters and more

  • With backrest - 1800mm long
  • Without backrest - 1500mm long
  • Full steel design - perfect for public spaces
  • Easy installation - root fixed into concrete
  • Perforated design - stops build up of rainwater
  • Steel grey as standard - custom colours available
  • Rounded edges for better security and safety
  • Normally delivered via truck - forklift required for unloading

The Oslo Street Steel Bench provides a highly robust seating option that is suitable for many environment and area types. Each bench is made from high quality steel that makes it ideal for outdoor use, especially when used in public areas. Each bench can be installed directly into concrete and provides instant high quality seating.

The Oslo Steel Bench is suitable for using with the likes of smoking shelters or bus shelters - the steel design is resistant to vandalism and the concrete-in style installation makes it extremely robust while in use.

The Oslo bench also has two optional versions - choose one with a back rest for open spaces, suitable for the likes of public areas, schools, train stations and more. Choose the option with no backing to use with the likes of a shelter.

The perforated steel design allows rainwater to run free and to prevent buildup of water on the surface of the bench, perfect for outdoor use at all times.

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