Paint for Asphalt and Tarmac 5L

Style Price Quantity
White 5L (759614)
£90.00ex VAT
£108.00inc VAT
Yellow 5L (759615)
£95.00ex VAT
£114.00inc VAT
Car Park Paint with Easy Application

Delivery: Normally 2 - 4 Days

  • 250 metres of 50mm lines per 5 Litre tin
  • Weather-resistant - long-lasting outdoor use
  • Resistant to chemicals
  • Protects the surface - creates a protective layer
  • Easily scrubbed when cleaning is required
  • Available in Yellow and White

This line marking paint can be easily applied to the ground with a brush or roller. One coat of this paint is usually enough in most cases.


“ This line marking paint was a great help to us... it not only provided us with enough paint to cover the area we wished, but it also produced high-quality lines that were much more noticeable than before... It dried in no time too, meaning we could get back to normal in no time... Thanks for everything!

Kevin, Store Owner, Limerick City

If you're looking for paint for asphalt and tarmac that’s tough and flexible, then Line Marking Paint for asphalt and tarmac is the ideal product. Use it to add colour and to protect pathways, tarmac drives, playgrounds, sports fields and light industrial areas, among other places. When you buy this popular paint for asphalt and tarmac online from Pittman, you'll have the choice of White or Yellow colour.

These colours add a professional touch to your outdoor area and are easy to apply using a brush or a roller. They can be applied to damp surfaces, and though one coat is usually sufficient, a second can be added to safeguard textured areas exposed to heavier traffic and wear.

Key features of tarmac paint

Asphalt and tarmac paint comes in a 5-litre tin that will allow you to paint a 50mm line for a length of approximately 250 metres and will be dry to the touch after around 15 minutes at a temperature of about 20 degrees

• You can also use it to paint over existing coated surfaces as long as they are not glossy and clean before you start.

• Ideal for line marking indoor and outdoor car parks

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