SeeClear Anti-Freeze Steel Convex Mirror

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Ensure Clear Sightlines In The Event Of Frost Or Snow

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The SeeClear Anti-Freeze Stainless Steel Convex Mirror is perfect for using in many outdoor environments all year round, resistant to ice and condensation during cooler weather.

  • Unbreakable steel mirror front
  • Prevents condensation and frost up to -20°C
  • No solar power or electricity required
  • Rectangular design provides wider field of view
  • Includes bracket to mount to 76mm pole
  • Adjustable both vertically and horizontally
  • Weather resistant frame with reflective decals

The SeeClear Anti-Freeze Stainless Steel Convex Mirror provides excellent vision for oncoming traffic in many kinds of areas. Made from a tough steel design this convex mirror will prove to be unbreakable under the harshest of tests in many kinds of environments.

Where other mirrors may fog up and make vision that bit harder these particular mirrors are fitted with an internal technology that helps to prevent ice and condensation build up during colder weather, ideal for British weather.

Each convex mirror comes with a bracket that allows for the quick and easy installation to any standard 76mm pole, perfect for using on roadsides and other outdoor environments.

The stainless steel design of this mirror provides excellent vision of oncoming traffic - the tough steel composition will only gain visibility over time and will not diminish, while also being impervious to debris hitting it or vandalism.


Product Specifications:

Dimensions: 600 x 800mm

Weight: 20kg

Recommended viewing distance: 12-16 metres

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