Shore+ Trench Bridge

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  • Aluminium checkerplate with steel barriers
  • Includes access ramp - accessible for wheelchairs
  • Checker plate design - excellent grip and stability 
  • Red/white reflective markings - highly visible
  • Railings fold down for easy transport

The Aluminium Trench Bridge can be used on many different site types and provides an excellent means of allowing pedestrians to cross dangerous trenches, ditches, or groundworks that may cause harm or injury. Each trench bridge is made of full aluminium and can be deployed to the site quickly and easily.

When on-site, the trench bridge can be folded up into position with the side barriers to provide an instant means of crossing dangerous areas. Each unit has a checker plate surface to provide sure footing and grip to pedestrian feet as they cross the bridge. 

Each end of the side barriers are fixed with red and white reflective markings to highlight them to pedestrians in dark or poor weather conditions. The side barriers are also equipped with a single crossbar each to provide safety for those crossing the trench bridge.

The trench bridge also includes the access ramp, which allows wheelchairs, trolleys, prams, and more to pass over it with general ease. When not needed, the trench bridge can be folded down and stored or transported where needed.



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