Skipper Safety Dispenser

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Create Versatile PPE Dispensers

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  • 255(H) x 230(W) x 263(D)mm
  • Attaches to walls, magnetic surfaces and Skipper posts
  • Requires post collars to attach to posts
  • Versatile - use with any PPE, battery disposal etc.
  • Choose from up to 6 standard lid colours
  • Translucent design - visual stock management

The Skipper Safety Dispenser can be used to easily display PPE for use by staff. The dispensers use a translucent design to allow employees to see the contents. Use the dispensers to hold safety glasses, gloves and more. They can also be used for battery disposal.

Each unit can be installed quickly and easily onto various surfaces. Combine the dispensers with the Skipper post and base systems (using the post and base collars), directly onto walls or any of the Skipper XS mounting systems.

Choose from up to 6 standard colours - choose colours schemes that best suit your areas or for different project purposes.

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