Traditional Outdoor Notice Board

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Versatile Notice Boards with High Resistance to Vandalism

Delivery: Normally 5 - 6 Weeks

  • Choose from 7 different sizes
  • Available in 6 standard colour designs
  • Optional wall or post mount
  • Post mount available in surface and sub-surface mount
  • Wear resistant hinge - will not warp over time
  • Tamper proof safety lock - frame mounted
  • Full 100% display of information for A4 pages
  • 4mm vandal proof Plexichoc safety glass
  • Elastomer seal reduces condensation and water leaks
  • Includes Procity magnets for interior sheets
  • Optional LED lighting for night-time displays
  • Optional single or dual door design
  • Optional decorated head panel - dome, wave or rectangular

The Traditional Outdoor Notice Boards can help to display information in public spaces. The high quality design allows for display of tourist information, directions, restaurant menus and much more. Each outdoor notice board can be installed quickly and easily on site.

The notice board is available in 7 standard sizes. This allows you to display anywhere from 2x A4 sheets to 18x A4 sheets of paper. The display case can come in 6no. standard colour options; customise to suit your project or area.

The board comes with wall or ground options. For wall mount the board can be bolted directly to concrete walls. Ground mount options can come with posts to bolt or concrete into the ground.

Each display board utitlises a wear resistant hinge. This will aim to provide ease of use over time and will not warp from repeated use. The tamper proof lock reduces the risk of vandalism and theft in outdoor areas. The lock itself is mounted into the frame for added security.

The 4mm vandal proof Plexichoc safety glass reduces the risk of shattering and overall damage to the display. The elastomoer seal round the frame also helps to stop water and condendsation from affecting the interior of the notice board.

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