Voute High Security Bike Compound

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Lockable Compound with Anti-Intrusion Roof

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  • 2520(W) x 2640(H) x 2830(D) mm
  • Extension available - adds 2520mm per unit
  • 80 x 80mm steel support posts
  • Roof - 60 x 40mm sleepers and aluminium gutters
  • 10mm thick cellular polycarbonate roof
  • UV treated for long lasting protection
  • Anti-intrusion roof - increases security
  • Powder coated to 10 colour options
  • Optional Euro key or digicode lock - high security
  • Doors can be opened from the inside without keys
  • Integral latch - keeps door open when required
  • Optional LED lighting - ideal for night time use
  • Adjustable feet to fit on uneven surfaces

The Voute High Security Bike Compound provides excellent security against bike theft. The highly effective frame helps to deter would-be thieves by completely securing bicycles in a steel compound. The bike compound comes with plenty of additional extras to create the perfect storage facility for your premises.

Each bike compound is made from highly durable steel. The main frame sits on 80 x 80mm steel posts. The roof includes 60 x 40mm steel sleepers and aluminium gutters to catch rainfall.

The roof of the compound is covered with a 10mm thick cellular polycarbonate material. This helps to keep bikes dry and safe at all times. The anti-intrusion roof helps to deter thieves from squeezing into the compound from the top.

The bike compound comes with an option of a Euro cylinder lock or digicode system. Choose the lock type that best suits your requirement or your area. The door itself can be opened from the inside without the need for any key, reducing the risk of bike owners being stuck inside.

If you need to keep the door open you can use the integral latch system. LED lighting can also come as an optional extra - provide better lighting for nighttime use.

When installing it's important to install onto pre-existing concrete pads for the most stable product foundation.

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