Rubber Wall Guard with Chevron

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  • 810(L) x 230(H) x 15(D) mm
  • Tough rubber design - hard-wearing
  • Pre-drilled holes - fast installation on site
  • Reflective chevron design - easily seen at all times
  • Protect walls from work vehicle damage

The Rubber Wall Guard with Chevron is ideal for a dark area where you need to warn vehicle divers about dangerous corners or if a bollard is in the way. Its hi-vis design allows cars and trucks to clearly see the risk ahead so they can avoid it. They provide excellent wall protection in warehouses and similar places.

The rubber chevron is flexible so you can attach it to round columns or walls, and is highly resilient. It’s tough enough to take a number of hits from vehicles, allowing you to protect the wall, car or truck as well as the wall guard.

In some places like factories, it becomes hard to see around corners, especially if operating machinery or an HGV. The rubber wall guard alerts drivers or operators to nearby walls, allowing them to safely move through the area while being alert to corners or columns that they could potentially hit.

If contact becomes unavoidable the soft rubber material should absorb most light contact and should help to reduce the damage that may be caused to both the surface and the vehicle.

• Black and yellow design should alert nearby drivers or machinery operators to columns, walls etc.

• This rubber wall guard can also be bolted directly to a wall or similar surface using the four pre-drilled holes

• These rubber wall guards are perfect for places such as factories and warehouses where machinery and HGV activity is quite frequent

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