Warehouse Safety

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Cushion Ease Solid™ Anti-Fatigue TileCushion Ease Solid™ Anti-Fatigue Tile In Car Workshop
SKU: 722219
Notrax Cushion Ease Solid™ Anti-Fatigue Tile
Sale priceFrom £65.00ex VAT
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Right Angle Edge Protection FoamRight Angle Edge Protection Foam
SKU: 763512
Moravia Right Angle Edge Protection Foam
Sale priceFrom £30.50ex VAT
Protect Employees From Head Injuries
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Guarda Chain Post SetGuarda Chain Post Set
SKU: 752705
Moravia Guarda Chain Post Set
Sale priceFrom £85.50ex VAT
Lightweight Chain Barriers with 10m of Chain
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HR3 Fire Hose Protection RampsHR3 Fire Hose Protection Ramps
SKU: 756300
Pittman® HR3 Fire Hose Protection Ramps
Sale price£54.50ex VAT
Ideal For Protecting Large Cables And Hoses
Low-profile Bike RackLow-profile Bike Rack
SKU: 757110
Moravia Low-profile Bike Rack
Sale priceFrom £108.00ex VAT
Our Best-Selling Modular Bike Storage System
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Black Bull Protection Guard - Under-Run ProtectionBlack Bull Protection Guard - Under-Run Protection
SKU: 765164
Black Bull Black Bull Protection Guard - Under-Run Protection
Sale priceFrom £245.50ex VAT
Prevents Forklift Skids From Damaging Assets
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Semi-Circular Push-Fit Protection FoamSemi-Circular Push-Fit Protection Foam
SKU: 763505
Moravia Semi-Circular Push-Fit Protection Foam
Sale priceFrom £31.50ex VAT
Easily Prevent Injury And Damage
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Sky Trax® Anti-Fatigue MatSky Trax® Anti-Fatigue Mat In Use
SKU: 861323
Notrax Sky Trax® Anti-Fatigue Mat
Sale priceFrom £89.50ex VAT
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MegaMax Chain Post SetMegaMax Chain Post Set
SKU: 762140
Pittman® MegaMax Chain Post Set
Sale price£269.00ex VAT
FlexBrite™ Flexible Bollard 1000mm (Yellow/Black)FlexBrite™ Flexible Bollard 1000mm (Yellow/Black)
SKU: 762103
FlexBrite FlexBrite™ Flexible Bollard 1000mm (Yellow/Black)
Sale priceFrom £49.50ex VAT
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FlexBrite Flexible Bollard 1000mmFlexBrite™ Flexible Bollard 1000mm (Orange/White)
SKU: 762100
FlexBrite FlexBrite™ Flexible Bollard 1000mm (Orange/White)
Sale price£44.50ex VAT
Our Best-Selling Flexbrite™ Bollard
Terminal Expandable BarrierTerminal Expandable Barrier
SKU: 763656
Pittman® Terminal Expandable Barrier
Sale price£99.50ex VAT
Ultra Expandable BarrierUltra Portable Barrier
SKU: 763657
Pittman® Ultra Portable Barrier
Sale price£149.50ex VAT
Mann Hummel OurAir SQ 500 Room Air PurifierMann Hummel OurAir SQ 500 Room Air Purifier
SKU: 862894
Pittman® Mann Hummel OurAir SQ 500 Room Air Purifier
Sale price£695.00ex VAT
Purify Air in Small Commercial Spaces
Black Bull Protection GuardBlack Bull Protection Guard
SKU: 765125
Black Bull Black Bull Protection Guard
Sale priceFrom £156.00ex VAT
Heavy Duty Guards For Warehouse Assets
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Warehouse Safety and warehouse safety products are a specialty of ours here at Pittman. No matter what the size of your warehouse is or how many staff members you have we have the perfect range to equip your warehouse to meet the best in safety standards. Meeting these safety standards is very important for protecting warehouse staff from injury while also protecting important infrastructure.

Why is warehouse safety important?

Warehouse safety is important because it helps to protect employees from danger and reduces the risk of accidents in the workplace.

How can warehouse safety be improved?

Warehouse safety can be improved by installing the correct equipment and ensuring the best safety plan is in place for the warehouse.

Improve your warehouse safety with the following products -

  • Black Bull Heavy Duty Bollard - protect important infrastructure and deter entry
  • Black Bull Steel Hoop Guards - deter entry or separate work vehicles from pedestrians
  • Black Bull Collision Protection Bars - low profile bar to prevent forklifts from impacting with infrastructure
  • Black Bull Pallet Rack Protection - protect 90 degree angles on pallet racking and warehouse storage systems
  • Black Bull Heavy Duty Railing System Indoor - create pedestrian walkways around warehouses while protecting employees
  • HGV Heavy Duty Wheel Stop - bring trucks to a stop within a confined parking space or in a warehouse setting
  • Slow Stop Rebounding Protection Guard - surrounds columns and pillars to protect them from impact damage
  • Edge Protection Foam - foam strips that attach to surfaces and protect employees in the case they bump off the object