Defender Drop Down Post

Mount Option: Surface Mount
Finish: Plain Galvanised
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Perfect For Home Use

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  • High quality steel
  • Lockable with padlock
  • Visible powder coat finish
  • Hot-dip galvanised - rust resistant
  • Suitable for home use
  • Ensure padlock doesn't exceed 5mmØ
Easy Installation
Hot-Dip Galvanised
Anti Rust
Home Use
High Visibility

Product Specifications: 

  • Height: 1000mm, 1330mm (overall height of sub-surface)
  • Diameter: 60mm
  • Drive Over Height: 110mm
  • Base Plate: 160 x 140 x 10mm (surface mount)
  • Material: Hot-dip galvanised steel
  • Finish: Plain galvanised or powder coated

The Defender Drop Down Post is a steel bollard that offers a robust and highly visible form of deterrence for driveways, parking spaces and parking bays. The bollard sits at the entrance to these areas, deterring thieves as the vehicles cannot be driven out. Lock it in place using the ‘U’ shaped locking pin and a padlock. Please ensure the padlock shackle does not exceed 5mm Ø.

Made from high quality steel, the bollard is hot-dip galvanised for rust and corrosion resistance and long life span. Optional powder coating can give the bollard a stylish finish that is visible to drivers and pedestrians, both day and night.

Choose from surface mount, which is bolted onto the ground, or sub-surface mount, which is cast into concrete. We recommend installing the post into concrete rather than tarmac, as any pressure applied to the post while on tarmac may cause it to fail.

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