Empire Flexible Bollard

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Pittman's Strongest Sub-Surface Rubber Bollard

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  • Extremely durable pure vulcanised rubber
  • Rebounds if struck
  • Countersunk reflectors for high visibility
  • Sloped top - professional finish
  • Maintenance free
  • Easy installation - concrete in
  • 1400mm overall height, 100mm diameter
Professional Use
Heavy Duty
High Visibility
Concrete In

Product Specifications:

  • Overall Height: 1400mm
  • Height above ground: 1040mm
  • Diameter: 100mm
  • Material: Vulcanised rubber

The Empire Flexible Bollard is a highly durable post that can be used to demarcate out of bounds areas, provide a professional finish to a building front or business premises and much more. Each bollard is made from 100% pure vulvanised rubber and offers extreme durability when in use.

Each flexible bollard can be installed into concrete quickly and easily, providing instant benefits for the area they are installed in. The tough rubber material means they are extremely durable if struck by a vehicle and will ensure they last for a long time when used outdoors.

In the instance that a vehicle hits the bollard the flexible nature of it will allow it to rebound back into place, providing an excellent means of demarcating an area while reducing the damage to both the bollard and the vehicle should impact occur.

For high visibility each flexible bollard is fitted with two countersunk reflective bands, ideal for darker environments and all weather situations, providing excellent visibility for vehicles.

To make installation easier each bollard is marked with an installation point - this allows you to see how far down you should install the bollard. Each bollard will be approximately 1040mm above ground with 360mm under the ground.

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