Steel Support Bicycle Stand

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A very robust and highly effective German made bike stand that provides an excellent deterrent against theft of bicyles once locked into place

  • 1425(L) x 900(H) mm
  • Side Bars - 60mm Ø
  • Main Frame - 48mm Ø
  • Hot-dip galvanised steel - will not rust or corrode
  • Easy installation - concrete in
  • Fully welded - excellent durability and stability
  • Store up to 2 bikes per unit
  • Lock bike frame - excellent security

    The Steel Support Bike Stand is a highly durable and very effective piece of engineering that provides a public or private premises with an excellent bike storage option, with each one having room for a bike to be stored on each side of the bike stand itself. The very durable hot-dip galvanised design ensures that it is perfect for using in outdoor environments, with excellent resistance to all kinds of weather conditions.

    For concreting into the ground, these bike stands provide an excellent method of securing bikes to bike users, creating an excellent deterrent against bike theft once they are properly locked into place. The hot-dip galvanised steel construction ensures that these bike stands are fully resistant to rusting and corrosion while in use and will remain in great condition over long periods of time while in use outdoors. The fully welded steel design of these bike stands provides an excellent deterrent to bicycle theft while remaining stable and solid while in the ground

    These bike stands are ideal for using in all kinds of areas, including schools, colleges, office blocks and other similar places. Their large steel design makes them very robust and highly resistant to damage and vandalism. Each Steel Support Bike Stand can store 2 bikes at once, with one bike being locked into place on either side of the bike stand itself. The total length of this bike stand ensures that there is plenty of room for the bike to be put in place while the customer also has the option of installing numerous bike stands side by side, once there is a decent distance between each one. These bike stands could also be used as a steel pedestrian street barrier in public areas

    The Steel Support Bike Stands are an excellent product that are suitable for providing bike storage options to numerous types of areas. Order today from Pittman Traffic and Safety Equipment.


    Height (above ground) - 900mm

    Length - 1425mm

    Vertical Steel Pipes - 60mm

    Main Steel Frame - 48mm

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