Velo-Up Regular Two-Tier Bike Rack

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The Velo-Up Regular Two-Tier Bike Rack provides the best quality bike storage for large areas - maximise storage space with the Dutch-made two-tier rackings systems

  • Made in Netherlands - unrivalled quality
  • Tried and Tested - designed for intensive use
  • Custom options - choose custom designs or colours
  • 10 year warranty - virtually maintenance free
  • Hard-wearing - resistant to vandalism
  • Minimum ceiling height - 2662mm
  • Suitable for various bike models and types
  • Long-life chrome steel ball bearing
  • Gas spring

The Velo-Up Regular Two-Tier Bike Rack provides an excellent means of bike storage for large areas - two-tier bike racks continue to be popular with the likes of schools, colleges, office buildings, apartment buildings and more. Each of our two tier bike rack systems is made in the Netherlands and provides the best quality bike racks suited to long term use.

Each two tier cycle rack is made with high quality steel - the steel mechanisms have been made to suit easy use at all times. Each strut is fitted with a chrome steel ball bearing and gas assist spring that has been designed with long-life in mind.

These high quality two tier bike racks have been designed for intensive use - their sturdy design has been put through rigourous tests and are resistant to vandalism. Their robust deisgn allows for the same movements over and over again - slamming the strut back into place or repeated movement will not effect the quality of the product.

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