Verge Posts

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Get fast delivery on verge posts from stock. Delineate grass verges to protect premises and alert drivers to road edges. High-quality designs mean long-lasting use outdoors. Bulk discounts available on stock items - call us on 0121 630 3527 or email

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Traffic Line Flexible Verge MarkerTraffic Line Flexible Verge Marker
SKU: 765045
Moravia Traffic Line Flexible Verge Marker
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UV Stabilised And Corrosion Free
Danger Overhead Cables Verge Marker
SKU: 745100
Pittman® Danger Overhead Cables Verge Marker
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Highlight Overhead Lines
FG300 Flexible BollardFG300 Flexible Bollard
SKU: 899211
Pittman® FG300 Flexible Bollard
Sale price£99.50ex VAT
Features Unique Cloverleaf Design

Use verge posts to highlight grass verges and corners on rural roads. Use the verge posts helps drivers to see where verges are and to help reduce traffic accidents. Verge posts can be easily installed directly into grass. Simply drive down into the earth for fast installation.

What are verge posts?

Verge posts are plastic posts used to highlight verges for oncoming vehicles. On rural roads these verge markers are commonly used outside private homes and concealed business entrances. Each one is equipped with reflective markings. The posts aim to highlight these verges to drivers so that they can drive accordingly.

How to install verge posts?

Most verge posts can be driven directly into soft earth. Take the pointed end and drive into the grass area with ease. The posts can be moved and rearranged with great ease when needed.

Where to use verge posts?

Use verge posts at rural home verges, concealed business entrances. rural roadways and more. The posts can be used to define corners or bends also. Again simply drive into the ground where needed.