Modular Wheelie Bin Enclosure

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Create Custom On-Site Bin Enclosures

Delivery: Normally 4 - 5 Weeks

  • Choose from custom wood and steel designs
  • Two high quality wood and steel finishes
  • Customise your on-site layout with ease
  • Available with fixed or adjustable feet
  • Custom RAL colours available - call our sales team
  • Bolt down easily - fast installation on site
  • Zinc primed steel - protected against rusting

The Modular Wheelie Bin Enclosure allows you to easily create on-site enclosures. The modular design allows you to customise the enclosuers as you see fit. Combine the panels and posts for custom on-site projects.

The bin enclosure is available in a steel or wood design. Choose from light oak or a mahogany style finish or the highly attractive Olbia or Venice design. Combine the amount of pieces you need in order to configure the enclosure as needed.

Each post can be bolted down into the ground with ease. For best resutls install the posts onto pre-existing concrete pads. The psts are available with standard fixed feet or can be equipped with adjustable feet. Use the adjustable feet in areas where there may be uneven ground.

The steel is also available with custom RAL colours on request. Contact our sales team for more information on custom designs that will suit your project needs.

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