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BudgetBollard Heavy Duty Retractable Driveway PostBudgetBollard Heavy Duty Retractable Driveway Post
SKU: 752170
Pittman® BudgetBollard Heavy Duty Retractable Driveway Post
Sale priceFrom £109.75ex VAT
Tough, Durable Anti-Theft Device
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BudgetBollard Fixed Security BollardBudgetBollard Fixed Security Bollard
SKU: 752191
Pittman® BudgetBollard Fixed Security Bollard
Sale priceFrom £53.50ex VAT
Hot-Dip Galvanised to Reduce Rusting
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BudgetBollard Fold-Down Driveway PostBudgetBollard Fold-Down Driveway Post
SKU: 752202
Pittman® BudgetBollard Fold-Down Driveway Post
Sale price£71.00ex VAT
Deter Vehicle Theft or Entry Onto a Premises
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BudgetBollard Driveway Parking PostBudgetBollard Driveway Parking Post
SKU: 752175
Pittman® BudgetBollard Driveway Parking Post
Sale price£72.50ex VAT
Pittman's Best Value Removable Bollard
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At Pittman we have a vast range or security bollards that are perfect for using both at home or at your place of business. Security bollards offer great peace of mind for your assets as well as providing an excellent deterrent against theft of your vehicle when in your driveway. At Pittman we have many bollards that would be suitable to use – all with their own benefits and designs that will provide you with excellent service while in use.

What are Security Bollards?

Security bollards have a few different purposes, but in general they provide excellent security and act as a deterrent to theft when used with your assets. For example the Heavy Duty Fold Down Security Post can be installed into your driveway at home, ideally behind your car where it would normally be left overnight and where it would prevent thieves from getting out. Simply install the bollard directly into the ground using the bolt down version or the submersible spigot mounted version. Once your car is home for the time being you can simply lock the bollard into place with the included padlock and unlock when again when required. Each security bollard is made from high quality zinc plated steel.

How do you install security bollards?

Most of our security bollards can be bolted down into the ground, ideally into a concrete pad if you have a tarmac surface in your area. To install a security bollard simply mark the holes for where the bollard will be going. Next, drill down to an appropriate size for the fixings. Lastly, tighten the bolts into position and ensure that are nice and secure and that the bollard won’t move.

If you require something quite robust for your driveway or for your warehouse door or premises why not try the BudgetBollard Anti Ram-Raid Retractable Security Post – this bollard will be submerged under the ground with a retractable bollard part that provides extra security when you need it most.

Security Bollards