Bike Toast Rack

Store Up To 10 Bikes Instantly with a Bike Toast Rack - FAST Delivery

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A bike toast rack can help to store large amounts of bikes in a small space. Use a bike toast rack to store a number of bikes in the same area. Most bike toast racks come in a sheffield style format for easy bike storage.

bike toast rack

What is a bike toast rack?

A bike toast rack is a steel unit designed to store multiple bikes at once. The name comes from the household kitchen toast rack which is very similar in looks. The bike toast rack can be bolted into the ground for instant bike storage on site. They are essentially numerous sheffield bike stands on two steel skids, combining to make one full bike storage unit.

bike toastrack

How to use a bike toast rack?

Use the hoops on the bike toast rack to lock your bicycle in place. Lock bikes via the frame for maximum security while storing. Bike toast racks usually come with a maximum of 5 hoops per unit - store up to 10 bikes at once.

Why use a bike toast rack?

There are 4 reasons to use a toast bike rack -

  • Cost-effective bike storage solution
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Better security against bike theft
  • Perfect for outdoor bike storage facilities

The Sheffield Style Toast Rack Bike Stand provides bike storage for up to 10 bikes. Each of the 5 hoops can store 2 bikes each. Once the bikes are locked in via their frames it provides excellent security against bike theft. The toastrack is made from hot-dip galvanised steel which protects against rusting and corrosion.

The Toastrack Bike Rack 6 Bike Capacity is a similar bike storage option. The shorter 3-headed version allows for storage for up to 6 bikes at once. There are only 4 fixing points on this unit which allow for fast installation.


toast bike rack