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Choose from our high-quality range of swimming pool mats for indoor and outdoor wet areas. Our long-lasting pool mats can boost pool and changing room hygiene while reducing the risk of slips and falls. Anti-microbial treatment deters fungus and bacteria growth, with UV protection to maintain excellent colour retention. Easily customised on-site to tailor to your project needs. Need help with swimming pool mats? Call us on 0121 630 3527 or email sales@pittman.uk.

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Swimming Pool Mats
Anti-slip Swimming Pool Mat - SoftStepAnti-slip Swimming Pool Mat - SoftStep
SKU: 861121
Notrax Anti-slip Swimming Pool Mat - SoftStep
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Shower Runner Anti-slip Mat - Gripwalker LiteShower Runner Anti-slip Mat - Gripwalker Lite
SKU: 861156
Notrax Shower Runner Anti-slip Mat - Gripwalker Lite
Sale priceFrom £61.18ex VAT
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Akwadek Swimming Pool MatAkwadek Swimming Pool Mat
SKU: 861138
Notrax Akwadek Swimming Pool Mat
Sale priceFrom £76.81ex VAT
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Heronrib Swimming Pool MatHeronrib Swimming Pool Mat
SKU: 730148
Pittman® Heronrib Swimming Pool Mat
Sale priceFrom £439.50ex VAT
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Swimming Pool Mats: We have expanded our range of mats to offer anti-slip hygienic matting solution for leisure facilities.

Slips and falls are the most common type of accidents experienced at swimming pools, shower and changing rooms in communal sports and leisure environments. Safety is therefore of paramount importance in wet and slippery areas such as is high levels of hygiene policies.

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Our range of swimming pool mats are specially designed with an open structure to allow for the drainage of water, shampoo’s and soap residue. Wet areas in locker rooms, saunas and shower facilities can be a breeding ground for micro-organisms causing odours, rashes and other skin diseases. The swimming pool mats are specially treated with an anti-microbial material which promotes hygiene by preventing the growth of fungi or bacteria, a health hazard in busy, wet public area.

Mats are designed for added comfort and warmth on bare feet to protect feet from cold, wet floors while also giving the added reassurance by offering grip and slip solutions. The grip base prevents the mat from slipping. Manufactured from PVC or Polyethylene which is resistant to oils, soaps, shampoos, oils and chlorines.

Swimming Pool Mats In Use

Available in rolls or in interlocking tiles that are easy to install, simply click into place for customised areas around hot tubs or saunas or to cover the length of walkways or by the poolside.

The Swimming Pool Mat – Akwadek is an excellent choice of mat for extra wear and slip resistance in busy shower and changing rooms and also for walkways at poolside’s.

The Soft Step Anti-slip Swimming Pool Mat is ideal for use in saunas, steams rooms and at hot tubs.

Please note that all anti-slip mats need to be checked and replaced to ensure continual safety. The anti-slip coating can become worn over time due to oils, grease and a build-up of chemicals.

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