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Call us today for expert advice on tacky mats to boost hygiene on entry to cleanrooms. Tacky mats are highly suitable for hygiene-sensitive areas, helping to prevent the spread of dirt and contaminants. Multiple layers allow for easy disposal when soiled. Call our experts on 0121 630 3527 or email sales@pittman.uk for fast quotes and specifications.

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Tacky Mats
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Tacky mats are sticky, layered plastic mats that trap dirt and debris. As pedestrians walk over them the dirt and debris will stick to the mat. When the layer becomes soiled with too much dirt it can be peeled away to reveal a fresh new layer. Tacky mats are used in hygiene sensitive areas to prevent dirt and contaminants from spreading.

Tacky mats are used at clean rooms, bio facilities and food preparation areas. The tack mat prevents dirt and debris from spreading into dirt-sensitive environments. Ideally the mats need to be placed at all entrances points into the facility.

These sticky mats offer a highly economic option for clean room hygiene. Aside from peeling new layers the mat requires no maintenance. The loose lay design allows it to be used instantly on site.

Tack Mats

Tacky mats should be changed when they are visibily dirty. How often tacky mats are changed depends on the area. The more foot traffic there is the more often tacky mats will have to be changed or replaced.

Once the mat becomes dirty the layer can be peeled back to reveal a fresh new one. Simply repeat this process as layers become dirty. When all layers have been used up the mat can be replaced.

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