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Wet Floor Signs
wet floor sign
SKU: 762110
Pittman® Caution Wet Floor Yellow Safety Sign
Sale price£19.95ex VAT
Warning Coronavirus Please Wait Here A-Frame Sign
SKU: 726788
Pittman® Warning Coronavirus Please Wait Here A-Frame Sign
Sale price£23.20ex VAT
A-Frame Please Ensure Social Distancing Floor Safety Sign
SKU: 727305
Pittman® A-Frame Please Ensure Social Distancing Floor Safety Sign
Sale price£19.99ex VAT

Wet floor signs alert nearby pedestrians to potential wet floors in the area. They are used to reduce the risk of slips and falls in indoor areas. The signs can be deployed to site quickly and easily for instant effect.

Most wet floor caution signs are highly visible in colour in order to catch the attention of pedestrians. They are fully transportable for easy use anywhere they are required.

Wet floor warning signs should be placed where they can give enough notice to oncoming pedestrians. They should be placed so that anyone approaching from any direction will be able to see the signs. Depending on the floor area this may require several signs to be in place at once.

Business owners are obliged to alert pedestrians to wet floors. Having wet floor signage in place reduce the risk of accidents and reduces liability on the business owner or management.

In short, wet floor signs can help to -

  • Reduce the risk of slips and falls
  • Reduce risk of liability to management
  • Allow cleaning staff to work efficiently
wet floor signage
plastic wet floor signs

The Caution Wet Floor Yellow Safety Sign is ideal for using in many kinds of environments. Made from tough plastic this wet floor sign provides excellent durability while in use. It can be folded or unfolded when needed. Each wet floor sign is fitted with a clear and concise “Caution Wet Floor” message. For increased visibility it also comes fitted with red reflectors to highlight dangerous areas in darker environments.

Wet floor style signs have also been in use during the Covid-19 pandemic. Instead of the usual wet floor messages they can be equipped with queuing, social distancing or face mask messages. The A-Frame Please Ensure Social Distancing Floor Safety Sign provides an instant message to pedestrians and uses the same highly visible yellow wet floor sign design.

For outdoors try the Slippery Surface Sign Portable. This sign frame allows you to display an easy to read sign for car parks, business entrances and more. The slippery floor sign can be removed from the frame if you would like to use another dibond sign.