Floorline Anti Slip Matting

Mat Size: 60cm x 10 metres
Mat Colour: RED
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Sale price£347.00ex VAT
£416.40inc VAT
SKU: 730138
Ideal For Docks, Pools And Wet Areas

Delivery: Normally 7 - 10 Days

The Floorline Anti Slip Matting provides a high quality light duty matting option for your area - FAST installation on site for easy slip and fall reduction

  • 6mm thickness
  • Light duty - ideal for light foot traffic
  • Handy 10 metre rolls - easy install
  • Available in 5 high quality colours
  • UV resistant - will not fade in sunlight
  • Etched surface pattern - excellent grip for pedestrians
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Easy to clean - little to no maintenance
  • Flexible PVC - contours to many area types
  • Certified slip resistance - DIN51130:R11

The Floorline Anti Slip Matting can be easily installed into an area and provides an instant means to protect pedestrians from slip and fall risks. Each mat is made from high quality flexible PVC that can contour to many area types and blend in where needed.

Each mat uses an etched surface that helps pedestrian shoes to grip to the surface in order to prevent them from slipping, reducing the risk of injury at the workplace. The mat itself is available in 5 high quality colours, suitable for matching to current colours schemes. Each mat is UV resistant and will not lose it's original colour while out in natural sunlight.

The anti slip mats come in handy 10 metre rolls that allow for easy install on site - the PVC material can be cut with a decent blade should you require it. The open grid design of the mat makes it ideal for fluids to drain through, perfect for wet areas or outdoor environments.

The surface of the mat is very easy to wipe and keep clean which leaves you with little to no maintenace while you have it in place. The light material makes it very easy to transport should it need to be moved at any time.

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