Heronair Anti Slip Matting

Style Price Quantity
50cm x 10 Metre Roll (730135)
£351.00ex VAT
£421.20inc VAT
75cm x 10 Metre Roll (730136)
£527.00ex VAT
£632.40inc VAT
100cm x 10 Metre Roll (730137)
£669.00ex VAT
£802.80inc VAT
100% Recycled - Etched Surface for Superb Grip

Delivery: Normally 2 - 4 Days

  • 10mm thickness
  • Medium duty use - highly durable mat roll
  • Made from 100% recycled material
  • Easy to install 10 metre rolls
  • Easy to cut on-site - ideal for custom installations
  • Etched surface pattern - provides excellent grip 
  • Hollow construction - lightweight and easy to transport
  • Drainage - reduce buildup of liquids on surface
  • Certified slip resistance - DIN 51130:R11
  • Fire resistant  - perfect for industrial environments
  • Chemical, oil and acid resistant
  • Flexible PVC - contours to many area types

The Heronair Anti Slip Matting can be installed quickly and easily into an area and provides a a medium duty anti slip option for your area. Each mat comes in a 10 metre roll and can be deployed to site with great ease. The hollow design of the mat allows it to be quite lightweight yet durable at the same time.

The 10 metre roll can be deployed to site and cut easily should you need to implement it into a particular area. The flexible PVC material allows it to contour to different area types and adjust for ramps or slopes if needed.

The etched pattern on the surface provides excellent grip and stability for employee feet at all times, reducing the risk of slips and trips. These anti slip mats are ideal for the most industrial types of areas where they are resistant to chemicals, oils and acids.

It's also key to note that each mat is made from 100% recycled material and is equipped with drainage holes to reduce the buildup of liquids on the surface.

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