Oct-O-Mat Anti Fatigue Mat

Mat Size: 75cm x 100cm
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Reduce Slips for Heavy Foot Traffic

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  • 23mm thick - excellent anti-fatigue properties
  • Available in 3 standard sizes
  • High-quality rubber compound - long lasting
  • Non-shifting - will stay in place at all times
  • Suitable for using in recessed frames
  • Allows for excellent drainage of fluids
  • Ideal for heavy foot traffic
  • Adaptable to many surface types
  • Order Oct-O-Mat connectors for multiple mats
Anti Fatigue
Heavy Traffic
Downloads: oct-o-mat ie

The Oct-O-Mat provides an excellent means of removing dirt and debris from pedestrians' shoes when in place while helping to maintain high cleanliness levels for your building. These high-quality rubber mats are suitable for high foot traffic levels and perfect for inside building doorways.

These mats are also suitable for installing into a recessed frame, perfect for busy business entrances such as shopping centres. The open honeycomb design on the top of the mat allows for excellent drainage and prevents the buildup of liquids on the surface.

The grip on the bottom of the mat also helps to keep the mats in place at all times and prevents them from shifting at any time, which is ideal where recessed frames may not be in use. If you need to lay multiple mats beside each other, we recommend using the connectors, which are ideal for keeping the mats together.


  • Raised knobs underneath allow excellent drainage, leaving a clean and dry surface
  • Heavyweight assures non-shifting
  • Overall thickness: 23mm
  • Weight: 13.3 kg per meter squared

Recommended uses:

  • Outdoor - heavy foot traffic areas
  • Loose with optional Aly ramp kit or placed in a recess frame


  • Connectors, insert brushes
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