Vynagrip Anti Slip Matting

Mat Size: 60cm x 5 Metres
Mat Colour: RED
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Versatile Anti Slip Matting for Industrial Spaces

Delivery 2 - 3 Weeks From Order

  • 15mm thickness
  • Available in 5 metre or 10 metre rolls
  • Heavy duty use - highly durable
  • Diamond cut pattern - excellent grip at all times
  • Chemical, oil and acid resistant
  • Easy to cut - FAST on-site installation
  • Black mats are made from 100% recycled materials
  • Flexible PVC design - contours to your area
  • Choose from 4 colours - UV resistant
  • Excellent drainage - suitable for indoors/outdoors
  • Certified slip resistance - DIN 51130:R11
  • Certified slip resistance - ASTM 1677:1.0/0.9
Heavy Traffic
Anti Fatigue

The Vynagrip Anti Slip Matting can be used to create a highly durable and effective means of reducing slips or falls in your work area, ideal for allowing employees to work with excellent grip under their feet at all times. Each mat is made from high quality PVC and can be deployed to site with ease.

The excellent diamond cut design on the surface of the mat provides superb grip for employees shoes as they are traversing over the mat at all times. Each mat comes in a 5 metre or 10 metre roll which allows you to deploy the mats quickly and easily to site. Shoud you need to cut the mats on site yourself you can do so easily - customise the mats on site to suit your environmment or to contour around obstructions etc.

The strong PVC design of the mat is provides a heavy duty, long-lasting mat option for your area. Each mat is resistant to fire, oil chemical and acid which makes it perfect for the most industrial types of environments.

Because the mats are porous and allow for drainage they will allow for excellent drainage of liquids, suitable for using in indoor or outdoor environments. The anti slip matting will allow for excellent grip with this in mind and will prevent the builduop of liquids on the surface.

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