Flood Protection

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Flood Protection solutions can help to protect against damage during adverse weather. Use flood protection barriers to reduce the risk of water damage and protect your assets. Having the correct products in place is a sure way to be prepared against unplanned events.

Why use flood protection?

Flood protection can help in a number of ways

  • Protect storefronts and homes from water damage
  • Reduce the impact of flooding on the premises
  • Reduce costly repairs from flood damage
  • Be preemptively ready against adverse weather conditions

Flood barriers can offer an excellent means of protecting assets during adverse weather. Use them to prevent water from getting into homes and reduce the impact as much as possible.

flooding protection

The Flood Cube Flood Protection Barrier can be installed on site easily. This flood barrier offers excellent protection against flooding at premises and homes. The easy to deploy design allows for instant protection. They are also much more effective than standard sandbags. The Flood Qubes offer excellent flood protection for doors.

Where to use flood protection?

Use flood protection at business entrances, home doorways and any other entrance point at risk. Having flood protection on standby can be the best flood defence for your home or business.

flooding protection


For simple water based cleanups the Spill Kill Water Guard can provide easier cleanup. The box comes with 25no. 1.2 metre strips for easy deployment to the affected area. Each strip absorbs up to 3 litres of water. Once full they can be disposed of quickly and easily. They are ideal for minor flooding or spills and are extremely cost-effective.