Euromat Ground Protection Mat

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Protect Ground from Heavy Work Machinery

Delivery: Normally 2 - 4 Days

  • 2410(L) x 1200(W) x 12(D) mm
  • 35kg per unit - deploy with 2 people easily
  • Highly durable 100% high-density polyethylene
  • Fully re-usable, use over and over again
  • Supports loads of up to 120 tonnes*
  • Chevron traction surface for superb grip
  • Low-profile underside conforms to surfaces
  • Integral hand holes for easier carrying
  • Connectors available on request
  • Highly flexible and adapts to uneven surfaces
  • Suitable for construction, civil engineering, groundworks etc.

*Load bearing capacity is dependent on ground conditions

Please note - due to weight Euromats are delivered via pallet service.


The Euromat Ground Protection Mat can be installed quickly and easily on-site and helps to protect surfaces underneath. Each mat is made from 100% high-density polyethylene and provides excellent protection for the likes of temporary roadways, shipping depots, pedestrian walkways and more.

Each mat has a chevron traction surface which provides excellent grip and stability while vehicles or pedestrians are moving over them. The mats can be laid side by side with each other and can be equipped with connectors (not included) to keep them together at all times.

The ground protection mats support up to 120 tonnes at a time - this, of course, depends on the surface that these mats are placed on. Because the matting is quite flexible than can adapt to most surfaces quite easily and will conform to different surface types.

If required the mats can also be acquired with chevron grip surface on both sides - as standard the mats will come with a low-profile surface on the underside of the mat, which allows it to lay as flat as possible.

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